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For over 60 years we have concentrated on the letting and management of good quality homes and premises for the small business. As property owners ourselves we believe we are more likely to be empathetic with your personal aspirations, rather than those to whom letting is just a side-line. We will be pleased to discuss with you the feasibility of your plans.

What can we offer?

Our experienced and qualified representatives will not pressure you to make any decisions until you are ready to do so. We provide a personal service and can assure all property owners that their interests will be managed in an efficient and professional manner. We will provide you with a market appraisal and offer all advice free of obligation.

As soon as we are instructed to let your property we will immediately contact existing applicants and market the property. We consider it an important duty to ensure that prospective tenants are acceptable.

Customer Experiences

A personal service

Letting is engulfed in a sea of Criminal and Civil law through which to steer an untroubled course requires constant vigilance. At Accommodate we have an abundance of expertise accumulated over the past 60 years.

As well as the law, practical considerations require experience – At Accommodate we have a wealth of experience, staff are professionally qualified and many have been with the company for over 20 years.

Your right is to demand trust from your Agent – We will prove to you via the testimonials accessible from our Home Page that you can at Accommodate!

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Some Owners are impatient when a property is not let immediately, but a longer period of selection ending with a reliable, well conducted tenancy, is ultimately the better option than a quick let with a high risk.

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We frequently hear reports of D-I-Y disasters with bad tenants abusing a property, always leading to an eventual loss of income. Our professional services will enormously reduce this risk.

We are certain you will find our standards save you expense in the long run – and certainly we will save you worry.