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How to rent a property with us

When seeking rented accommodation you will be asked to register your details at one of our offices. We will then arrange viewings of suitable properties.

Having found a suitable property you will need to complete an application form. This requests information about yourself and your finances. At this stage each applicant will be asked for a non-refundable referencing fee. We aim to complete our checks within 5 days, however delays can occur and this is often due to your referees failing promptly to reply to our enquires.

Trouble being accepted?

We would naturally be concerned if you have been party to legal proceeding for debt, but it does not mean your application would be automatically declined. It is unusual for an application to be declined in its entirety – you may be successful with a guarantor or by making a substantial payment in advance.

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Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

Prior to occupying a property you must enter into an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. We have translated our agreements into ‘Plain English’ as far as possible, however to ensure that you understand the terms of the contract you will be provided with a draft copy before signing. Completion of the contract means that you are legally the occupier and will remain so until the agreement is ended.

Making the process easy for you

Our Assured Shorthold Agreements are normally fixed for a 6 month period after which may become periodic and run until either party gives notice.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries – we will be happy to help.

Your deposit is kept safe

A deposit equating to approximately 6 weeks rent will be required for all properties. Payable prior to occupying the premises. Your deposit will remain yours and will be lodged with the Deposit protection scheme (DPS). Deposit can be used only with your agreement, it will not be used for rent payments but will be to cover the cost of damage or rent arrears upon vacation.

No renewal fees

It is not a legal requirement to renew an Assured Shorthold Agreement. However it is a practice carried out by many Agents in order to levy an additional charge on both Landlords and tenants at specific periods normally 6 or 12 months.

Our contracts are for a fixed period which will become what is known as a Statutory Periodic Agreement after the expiry date and will continue under similar terms as before until either party gives notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This will be dependent on satisfactory references and how quickly they can be completed.

If your credit rating is low or your employment history short you will be asked to provide a guarantor. There may also be other circumstances.

A guarantor needs to be a person that is happy to sign the agreement along side yourself. They need to be a property owner and have an income which is equal to 3 x times the rent. They will also need to be referenced.

There are charges for referencing plus additional administration fees.  You will be informed of these before committing to anything.

Many landlords prefer not to have pets in their property but may agree to give authorisation if requested. If there are pets within the premises you will be charged a De- infestation fee upon vacation and possibly a charge for carpet cleaning.

The vacated premises will be checked by ourselves by comparing the Inventory and schedule of condition with its current state. The DPS allow one month for us to provide them with the information required. Our practice is to complete this at our earliest convenience, if we have any concerns we will contact you, if not we will instruct the DPS to release your deposit.